Santa Monica Tower #23 - Size 24" x 18"


Emerging Malibu artist Kit Plumridge, inspired by artists Ed Massey and Andy Goldsworthy.

Working in both Oils and Acrylics his work reflects the local surrounding area of Malibu, Topanga and Santa Monica. Seascapes and surf culture predominate the themes that are painted on canvas and wood panels.

As an avid surfer and sailor his love of the sea and beach precipitates the inspiration of his paintings. Continually striving to recognize unusual perspectives of the scenes that he paints, results in dynamic and fluid compositions.

Sculpting with driftwood and stone to create natural art installations and gardening  with bromeliads and airplants keeps him in tune with the earth and connected to his South African roots.

Using Cool Neon wire in his Pier Sign Series showcases a combination of painted surfaces incorporating lighting to create exciting art pieces.