Isle Of Plumii

The Isle of Plumii

In a world that exists outside of time, where the future appears to have collided with the past…therein dwell the citizens of the Isle of Plumii.

Half steampunk renegades, half apocalyptic warriors, these characters exist off the grid and in a lawless world of their own making, having been exiled to this remote outpost during the universal plague known formally as the Petilencia Interfectorum XII.

The Isle of Plumii is rumored to be overrun with a mad and wondrous magic…and you are cautioned to enter at your own risk. But for those who find their courage… 


A TICKET NFT must be purchased in order to enter the Isle of Plumii and participate in the game. Once a ticket is purchased, a VISA NFT will be issued.

Keep this visa safe and guard it vigilantly, as it will have additional value in the future and offer early access to the launch of the island’s original currency, the “Plumii Ume” token.

In addition, keep an eye out for the imminent arrival of the graphic novel “The Isle of Plumii- Quest for Tig”…along with additional NFT’s and clues to help you in your search for the Hunt’s Golden Rings…

The island, although imaginary, has a language called “Plumiish”, it’s own financial system based on a a cyber coin  – the PlumiiCoin. The Metaverse is populated by the Isle of Plumii characters. Certificates of Residence and ID documents are issued that make the isle one step closer to reality. The Tenets of the Isle Of Plumii are the corner stone of our communal well being. It is a place of inclusion and where difference is respected and all are welcome to contribute to the common good of humanity.

The island is the concept of Kitonius V Plumii [ the alter ego of Malibu Artist Kit Plumridge] based on an original idea from South African Artist Water Battis [1904-1989]. The Isle of Plumii characters that have been created are in an art genre called Imaginary Realism. Art exists in the now and this is even more obvious with the masked vignettes that were created pre-Covid and feature plague masks from bygone epidemics.

The philosophy is to invite anyone who can contribute to the growth and development of this imaginary space. To make it real, there are many artists, poets, songwriters and deep thinkers who have joined as fully fledged residents, by their artistic contribution. However this membership is open to all and we call out to anyone who can contribute their ideas. Everyone has a unique gift in what they do in the real world , and it is those gifts that we are seeking to help contribute to the cause.

Although Kitonius V Plumii is a self proclaimed “Unstable Genius”, he cannot do everything. By joining the island, and submitting your ideas, you can contribute to the creation of the “Isle of Plumii” and move the concept forward.

All art in this series has been trade marked in a collective under The Isle Of Plumii Holdings LLC. 

A hearty welcome to The Isle Of Plumii !

Maxime Respicit

Kitonius V Plumii

The Strong Women Of the Ilse of Plumii

The “Crazies” of the Ilse of Plumii

Little Rocket Man

The Plague Doctor and his Pachinko

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Cesar Cascabel

Government Uncle

Wizard of Theremin

Captain Sand

Slim Walsh

Hobson Pinckney


Island Passport

Island Currency